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Pinterest Tried & True: Chicken Wire Ghosts

By Sharon Marie

Photo from Pinterest

I love to decorate my house, for any occasion, but I’m not a huge fan of witches, or the color orange so Halloween was always a challenge. So what does one do when you are at a loss for ideas?? Pinterest of course!!!!

I loved these Chicken Wire Ghost dresses!!!

I set out to my local hardware store with my list of materials in hand. I was able to find everything I needed accept the glow in the dark spray paint. After countless stores I finally found it on Amazon.

Now if you have ever worked with Chicken Wire you know that it is very sharp when cut. Word to the wise… wear leather gloves and long sleeves!!!

I quickly found that this was really a two-person job and enlisted the help of my cousin.

It proved to be more difficult than we had planned, but were able to figure out the easiest way to work with the wire. We used two small bowls to help form the bust of the dress, formed the skirt and cut small pieces of chicken wire into scraggly tattered pieces attaching them with a thin-gauged wire. Hours later (yes we are a bit OCD) we were happy with out ghostly dresses.

We sprayed the creations with the Glow in the dark paint. And set them out in the yard. We impatiently waited for night to fall, only to be very disappointed. The dresses were not visible at all unless you were standing right next to them. We didn’t expect a super bright glow but this was pathetic.

The next morning I brought in the dresses and sprayed them with a plan white paint, let that dry and sprayed it with glow in the dark paint again. Once in the yard I waited for nightfall. Much Better!!!

My ghosts!

My ghosts!

They didn’t Glow like a glow stick but they were visible enough to see from the street. They gave a ghostly presence in the yard. You could see them but not vividly, kind of like smoke out of the corner of your eye. PERFECT!!!!

The next morning I decide to give them even more of a spooky essence and hung them from the tree in my front yard. They swayed ever so slightly in the breeze, just the effect I was looking for!!!

My Ghosts!

My Ghosts!

Here’s a list of the materials you’ll need:

  •  Chicken wire
  • thin gauged wire
  • wire cutters
  • white spray paint
  • glow in the dark spray paint
  • leather gloves
  • pliers (for twisting the wire together)
  • drop clothe for painting

You can find a similar tutorial at Wacky Archives here.

This year, I’m making these two to add to the collection!   Stay tuned!!

Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

Image from Besotted Blog
Image from Besotted Blog


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