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Photographer Spotlight: Kellie Conlon Photography

Photo Courtesy of Kellie Conlon Photography

Today we’re featuring the work of Kellie Conlon from Kellie Conlon Photography.  I recently interviewed Kellie, she was kind enough to share a little inside information about her and her business!  Take a look at what she had to say!

Kellie from Kellie Conlon Photography

MWL: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

KC:  I am a California native living in Tennessee! I have two daughters and a gorgeous hubby. I love being a mommy. My girls are so fun to be around and I love doing anything and everything with them. I love Christmas, coffee and anything sparkly!

MWL:  What brought you to Tennessee?

KC: My husband and I wanted to start a family. We were living in downtown San Francisco and knew that wasn’t where we wanted to raise kids. My husband had been to Tennessee before and really liked it. We both love it here!

MWL: When did you start taking pictures?

KC: I started shooting football in high school. Then I took some Jr.College courses to really get serious about photography.
When did you start taking pictures? I started shooting football in high school. Then I took some Jr.College courses to really get serious about photography.

MWL: When did you start professionally?

KC: In 2003, I moved to San Francisco. I started working for some amazing wedding photographers as a second shooter. They taught me about business, weddings and all the technical stuff I needed to know about cameras. I started shooting my own weddings in 2004.

MWL: What do you shoot?

KC: I now specialize in newborns and maternity.

MWL: So you started with weddings and moved into newborns and maternity, why the change?

KC: Once I had my girls, I realized I just did not have the time it takes to do weddings. I still second shoot every once in a while. But once I did my first real newborn shoot, I was hooked.

Photo Courtesy of Kellie Conlon Photography

MWL: What is your favorite to shoot and why?

KC: Newborns are my favorite. They amaze me. It is such a cliche, but it is so rewarding to give parents such precious images of their new baby.

MWL: Can you describe your style?

KC: Soft, whimsical, simple.

MWL: Tell us about your more interesting session.

KC:  I have recently started styling my maternity shoots. I did one that was sort of a pin up look. The mama I photographed was absolutely perfect for the shoot! I had a hair/make up artist come and fancy her up. It was unbelievable!

MWL: What inspires you?

KC:  It is ironic, but light inspires me. I love the “Golden Hour”. Little pockets of light in a scene are like magic.

MWL: Do you have a role model you look up to?

KC:  I did some mentoring with Jennie Pyffereon. She’s amazing. Her posing and setups are impeccable. She is so nice too!

MWL: If you could give any advice to fellow photographers, vendors, or parents, what would it be?

KC: Be nice, and generous! I have learned so much from the photographers I’ve worked for. They have been kind and giving in their knowledge.

Kellie was great to interview, she’s such a kind person!  She says she’s in the process of building a studio in her backyard – we can’t wait to see it when it’s done along with the beautiful images that will come from it!  Thanks Kellie!

If you’d like to check out more of Kellie’s work, follow her on Facebook or on her website!

Photo Courtesy of Kellie Conlon Photography


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