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Vendor Spotlight: Hopelessly Hooked

1305439_10200551439730288_1234175872_nToday I had the opportunity to sit down with Shari from Hopelessly Hooked to talk about her little corner of the photography prop industry.  Shari lives in Minden, Nevada with her husband and her 5 gorgeous children, ages ranging from 2 all the way to 15.  Shari and her family moved out to Minden last year from Southern California, where she was born and raised, for her husbands job.  Hopelessly Hooked focuses mostly on crocheted items, but Shari enjoys other crafts as well such as sewing, making headbands and knitting.  She’s also quite the accomplished cake decorator!

MWL: When did you start Hopelessly Hooked?

Shari: I have crocheted since I was 9 and last November after my youngest, Addisyn, was in the hospital, I wanted to make a blanket to donate to Project Linus, so I made that as well as a hat for her.  The wives of my husbands colleagues encouraged me to sell my creations.  My friend Porsche was really a huge driving force behind it.  I opened my business in December 2012 and started taking orders.

60785_208790562578605_77437336_nMWL:   What did you make at first?

Shari: Mostly hats and blankets.

MWL: And what do you make now mostly?

Shari: Still mostly hats, but I also make diaper bags, crocheted stuffed animals, scarves, boots and also different photo props mostly for newborn photography.  Basically, if I get a request for something, I will make it.

MWL: What is your favorite thing to create?

Shari: My favorite items are ones I have never made before.  I LOVE custom orders.  I get bored easily and I love a challenge.  I like learning how to make something new and mastering that new skill.  I love it when a customer contacts me and asks “Can you make me this?”

MWL: What’s the most interesting custom order you’ve ever had?

Shari: The most interesting item I have ever made wasn’t crocheted, but a custom cake.  The customer requested a cake with Godzilla chasing a wiener dog who was wearing a cheerleader uniform.  Oh and an alien autopsy cake, that one was AWESOME!!  As far as crochet, I’d have to say my shark slippers and a goombah hat.408180_181971805260481_824444117_n

MWL:  When you’re not working on custom orders, what inspires you to create something new?

Shari: Boredom.  I have to be creating something.  I love learning new skills.  Everything from photography to spinning fibers.  If I’m not actively creating new things, whether it’s cakes, learning to sew, photography and editing or anything else, I literally can not sleep at night, my brain just sits there and dreams up what I can make next.

MWL:  If you could give any piece of advice, about life or owning a small business or crafting etc, what would it be?

Shari: Be willing to be flexible, learn new things and don’t be afraid to try something new. But don’t over do it, make sure to always make time for friends, family and relaxation.

994896_210366099087718_1821864900_nShari is not only the owner and creator at Hopelessly Hooked, but she is also my main assistant here at Made with Love, Props & More.  Take a moment to check out her amazing creations and send her some love!603765_199552610169067_2142097406_n


3 comments on “Vendor Spotlight: Hopelessly Hooked

  1. Tony
    September 10, 2013

    I own those shark socks and the goombah hat. She has also made me a PAC-Man ghost beanie, and a few blankets. My boys get all kinds of compliments. She ships super fast too. I get my items in 2-3 days and I live on the other side of the U.S.

  2. Sue Babington
    September 11, 2013

    Shari has slow made numerous items for me and my husband. Hats, scarves, wrist bands, blankets, etc. We love them and love that we can order custom items. Shari has talent beyond what you can imagine! As do her children…she did not mention it…but her middle child Gabriel, watched her crochet and wanted to learn. She taught him and he decided to make hats also. He made my first two hats and takes after his Mommie 🙂 Very fun! Keep it up Shari!!!

  3. Sue Babington
    September 11, 2013

    Sorry, that is “also” made numerous items for me and my husband…dang spell check!

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