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Photographer Spotlight: Raquel Loren’ Photography

For our very first Photographer Spotlight, we had the opportunity to talk with Raquel from Raquel Loren’ Photography.   She comes to us from Canton, Georgia to reveal a little bit about herself and her passion for photography.  Read on to learn more about this beautiful young lady and her amazing talents!

Raquel and her beautiful family

MWL: Tell us a little bit about you:

RL: I am a wife. I am a mother to a beautiful little girl. I am also doing what I love as a full time photographer. I have a great sense of humor and I always try to look on the bright side of everything, I am a creative soul and I love art and music. Photography for me is a way to express how I see people and how I see the world. Being able to capture the true essence of a persons personality, or the true smile and happiness of a child exploring their world…it is the most beautiful thing about being a photographer. For me it isn’t about the money or being “famous” – its about giving someone a chance to see themselves as beautiful and inspiring and giving them those precious memories to have forever.

MWL: When did you start taking pictures?

RLI started three years ago when I was 16. I had always loved photography and one day I took my Nikon point and shoot and just started taking pictures…I haven’t stopped since!

Photo by Raquel Loren' Photography

Photo by Raquel Loren’ Photography

MWL: When did you start professionally?

RL: About two years ago I got myself a professional camera and went local with my work, I have grown so much since I first started and I look forward to taking my skills to higher places.

MWL: What do you shoot?

RL: I shoot EVERYTHING! I mainly do children, lifestyle and fashion photography – I am now starting to venture in to doing newborns.

MWL: What is your favorite to shoot and why?

RL:  I would have to say children. Children give you a challenge, they make you move, they make you run around, bend in odd positions and they definitely push your patience and skills to the next level. They also make you smile, laugh and make dig into your inner child to see what they see.

MWL: Can you describe your style?

RL: Natural. I love natural light, I love using light, airy and vintage edits. I love natural, candid poses.

MWL: Tell us about your more interesting session.

Photo by Raquel Loren’ Photography


RL: Hmm…this one is difficult, due to something interesting ALWAYS seem to happen during a session. I would have to say capturing my best friend have a baby…just seeing and photographing a life enter this world is just unexplainable. I believe everyone in the room cried, especially after having to wait 24 hours in a hospital room and having to sleep on the floor with nothing but a pillow and my camera

MWL: What inspires you?

RL:  Love. Love inspires me. Seeing the love between a couple and seeing the love between a mother and child. The quote, “All you Need is Love” doesn’t just mean romantically, it means loving life and the people in your life.

Photo by Raquel Loren’ Photography

MWL: Do you have a role model you look up to?

RL: Gosh, I could name a TON of photographers that I look up to and inspire to be like. To name a few: Lara Jade and Emily Soto – both fashion photographers and I would have to say, Lindsey Mills for children and newborns.

MWL: If you could give any advice to fellow photographers, vendors, or parents, what would it be?

RL:  Fellow Photographers: Follow your dreams and your hearts! Don’t ever let anyone put you down about your work or tell you that you aren’t good enough. You will grow and learn. You will make mistakes, but you will always go UP as along as you follow your dreams. Vendors: Keep up the good work you creative geniuses! Also, don’t be afraid to give a photographer a chance to photograph your items. All things are negotiable, and everyone has to start somewhere. Parents: Be involved in your child’s session! You know your child better then anyone, only you will know what works an what doesn’t.

You can follow Raquel on Facebook to see more of her work or if you’re in the Canton, Georgia area and are looking for a wonderful photographer for your children or family, call up Raquel and let her document your precious memories!  Thanks Raquel for sharing with us today!

Photo by Raquel Loren’ Photography

Would you like to be featured in our Photographer Spotlight?  Just send us an email at


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